How to create the Best Welcome Bags making a great first impression

The best welcome bag shows your guests that you're happy that they've made the trip and sets the tone for your entire event.
Very often the hotel welcome bag is your guest’s initial touchstone to you and your event. The right bag demonstrates your appreciation to travel weary lodgers. Here’s tips to making the best first impression:
Whose heart is not lightened by receiving a gloriously swathed package? Who doesn’t love to riffle through the tissue to discover the goodies inside? It’s easy to create a standout bag that will catch your guest’s eye as soon as they open the hotel room door.
A big mistake often made is using too big of a bag. Receiving a well stuffed over-flowing bag, regardless of the bag size is great fun. A bag with too much space will always appear sparse and lack-luster. I recommend a 10 x 8 x 4.25.  This size comfortably fits a couple of standard (17 oz) water bottles, plenty of snacks, an itinerary and maybe a souvenir. It's easy to find this size, even at dollar stores. When counting bags remember that it’s one bag per room- not per person. That being said, it’s nice to put two water bottles in a single welcome bag
It’s fun to create a theme that begins in plain sight on your bag label and is repeated on products within the bag: the water bottle label, door hanger, or candy label. It’s nice to add a matching welcome note or itinerary to help set the event stage.
Adding a puff of tissue to the top of a bag is an inexpensive way to really finish the look. It’s really easy to achieve that perfect puff. Lay the tissue flat and pick a single piece by the center of the piece. If you lift it from the center the tissue will puff perfectly when you put it into the bag.
To score really big with all your guests don’t forget the kids. Check out to find everything you need to build the ultimate kids goody bag. Activity books and simple crafts make for grateful parents, busied children, and happier guests.
I would be honored to be a part of your special day and I promise to work toward exceeding your expectations. Please browse my site and know that the designs are fluid and most can be altered for you. Any design can be applied to all my available products, so if you don’t see it…. Ask me.

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