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Water Bottle Labels

water bottle labels by BestWelcomeBags
An 8" x 2" label fits water bottles from mini to standard 17 oz.
I don’t recommend the waterproof labels. They don't print well, they feel greasy and smell like petroleum. The labels I use at BestWelcomeBags are the same as the label on the pickle jar in your fridge. They hold up well to condensation. I've run them under the faucet and they dried well, but I wouldn't submerge them in ice water for extended time. 
Choosing the best water bottle for your labels
The best water bottles to use can be found at any grocer or super store that sells water bottle by the case. It’s an inexpensive generic brand with a plastic sleeve that's only tacked on. It comes off easily. Make sure the bottle isn't entirely ribbed. There needs to be a smooth area. They're not hard to find. I've sold hundreds of thousands of labels and to the best if my knowledge never had a customer stranded for bottles.
Click to view examples of water bottle labels: 

Wine Bottle Labels

wine, champagne, beer bottle labels and neck rings
As a rule, labels for a mini wine or champagne label measures 3.75" w x 1.5" h.  For a standard beer bottle, champagne bottle, or wine bottles from split to standard size, the label measures 4"w x 3.33"h. But it is strongly recommended that you measure your bottles label space before choosing a label as these measurements are not guaranteed to fit all bottles. There are other label options.
Removing wine bottle labels
Here’s 2 simple ways to remove existing wine bottle labels. Neither method has any adverse effect on the content:
Soak the label portion of the wine bottle in room temperature water with 5-10 tablespoons of baking soda for 30 minutes. The label will just slide off.
Or using one a white Magic Eraser, wet it and sit it on top of the label for about 5 minutes and it wipe the label right off. Very easy.


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