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Remember in grade school, playing operator; how the message got entirely scrambled by the time it reaches the last in line? It’s your big weekend, such a busy weekend.  Don’t leave the details to word of mouth.  Remove that stress from your list of event responsibilities by creating an itinerary.
If this is your first time writing a welcome note or itinerary, any part of the process can cause procrastination, or even project paralysis. No worries!  We will go through this step-by-step and ta-dum… you’ll have completed your welcome itinerary.
The Welcome Message
You want it to be sincere and heartfelt. Here’s the thing; there’s little you can say that’s truly revolutionary in a welcome message… so don’t be afraid to steal!!  Not in entirety, or verbatim… just to get you started. You can see plenty of samples by clicking here. Find what you love, then merge, tweak, and twist into your personal message. When you think it’s perfect let three people you trust proof read it. Done! I am happy to proof read your message at
Your Itinerary
If you follow these important tips you’ll create a perfectly cohesive, easily digested itinerary.

Everyone digests information differently. DO NOT write an itinerary as though you are talking to a guest. Some people are just not detail readers, so it is important not to bury the important information in a lot of less important words. 
Maintain a format: What, When, Where
The Date
Here’s a peeve of mine, it is a grammar thing: When you read the date “July 24, 2018” it is normal and correct to say to yourself 24th because it is clearly a date and implied.  You DO NOT add the ‘th’ to the date.  The only time the ‘th’ should be used is when you are referring to the day out of context, without the month or year. For example: You might write “the 18th works great for me” but would never write “the 18 works great for me”. 
So, start with the date, list all the events for that day under that date, and then post the next date. 
The Event
Give it a title.  Don’t just start with the details, i.e.: Not “Please join us in the lobby bar for a meet and greet” instead give the event a title: “Meet and Greet” further maintaining the what, when, where format.
The Time
Put the event time under the event title, before the event description.
NOT “12 – 2” that looks like a sports score.
The correct way would be “12:00 p.m.” End times are not necessary unless guests are encouraged to arrive at their leisure, like a brunch for example. In that case “12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.“ or “12:00 p.m. thru 2:00 p.m.“ whichever applies. For those that suffer from a.m. vs. p.m. issues, it is okay to write “noon”.
The Location
Again, do not let this get lost in a lot of details. Your guests will appreciate a clear and simple message.
Just “12:00 p.m. at Bev’s Beer Garden, 32 Main Street, Anytown”.  No zip codes, and assuming your event is within one state, the state is unnecessary.
The Production
I recommend printing on gloss coated card stock, NOT paper.
Also, this is best laid out to fit an 5.5 x 8.5 sheet. Not 8.5 x 11, which would tend to resemble a flyer.
I’m happy to answer any additional questions at
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