New York, New York! The Best New York Welcome Bags Ever!

The absolute recipe to building New York's Best Welcome Bag is right here.

Let's start with the bag

Pick from 4 New York label designs and 5 bag colors, personalized for your event by Best Welcome Bags.

The great thing about Best Welcome Bags is that whatever design you select can be applied to any product offered to create your perfect set.
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A big mistake often made is using too big of a bag. Receiving a well stuffed over-flowing bag, regardless of the bag size is great fun. A bag with too much space will always appear sparse and lack-luster. Best Welcome Bags measure 10 x 8 x 4.25 and comfortably fit a couple of standard water bottles, plenty of snacks, welcome note and itinerary, plus...


Somehow hotel rooms always make us at least peckish, if not down right hungry.
Here's a few favorite gourmet snacking options your guests would really appreciate.
from | 8 - 12oz sausages - $31.92 (3.99 per)

from | 2oz bottle - $1.56

from | 2oz triangle - $1.90

Nothing worse than staring at mouth-water snackage with only plastic cutlery. 
Don't forget to include a couple of napkins. 
from | set of 4 - $7.96
And of course... It is New York, after all. The big one.
Personalized wrapper for 1.5 to 3 oz chocolate bar
4 New York options | by Best Welcome Bags | $0.75
A professional finish to a standard sandwich bag perfect for the survival kit, his/her favorites, party favors, or snacks like trail mix.
4 New York options | by Best Welcome Bags | $0.75

Various libations to serve various purpose.
New York Mini Champagne Labels
4 options | by Best Welcome Bags | $0.75
New York Water Bottle Labels
4 options | by Best Welcome Bags | $0.50


amazon |18 Key chain pack | $14
4 options | by Best Welcome Bags | $1

4" Statue of Liberty Statues 

amazon | 6 pack | $18

4 design options | by Best Welcome Bags | $1.50

Whalla! ... and a puff of tissue to top it off!

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